Make instrument order in Instruments dialog more meaningful

• Dec 16, 2009 - 16:26
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Currently, it can be difficult to find instruments in the Instrument dialog because they do not seem to be in a meaningful order. It would be good to have them in a meaningful order, such as alphabetical or by usual position in the score (Finale NotePad does the latter). Another idea would be to group instruments that are of the same type but different transpositions (such as A and Bb Clarinet, for example). It would also be good to have instruments placed in the score in orchestral order by default.



I like how they are in instrument families at the moment (e.g. flutes are grouped together, clarinets, etc.). I agree that the overall order is a mess (although you can see hints of score order scattered throughout). If you want to have a go, be sure you get the most recent version of instruments.xml before making any changes.

(Better yet, make an SVN checkout of the templates directory so you can keep up-to-date and easily merge changes.)

When you are done, attach your modified file to a comment below.

Also there should be added "Double Bass" (i.e. replicating Contrabass) as that's what it's called in some places, including Australia.
Same thing for "Cor Anglais" (cf. English Horn).

The instruments do seem to be mostly in score order, but the brass and woodwind lists are really long. Perhaps it would be good to list them under subfamilies within the two groups (e. g., flutes, clarinets, etc.)

Also, is there are reason why the three instruments Violas, Cellos, and Contrabasses use the Slow Strings patch instead of the Strings patch used by Violins I and II? I usually prefer to use the Strings patch for all of them. I know the patch can be changed within a score, but I'd rather have Strings set as the default for all of the string sections.

I don't have a preference with regards to using String Ensemble 1 or String Ensemble 2 (sometimes called "slow strings").

With regards to woodwind and brass, lets keep them in one list for now. We can consider adding sub groups later if there isn't a better option.

Thanks for looking into this.

Here it is. The instruments seemed to be pretty much in order, so all I did was add the instruments Double Bass and Double Basses, as well as change all the string section patches to String Ensemble 1 (as opposed to String Ensemble 2 or Slow Strings).

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Instrument list is simplified in latest nightly builds. The full list of instruments is still available if you mark "show more".