Changing time signature with two differents clefs in linked staves causes false "transposition"

• Nov 5, 2014 - 21:51
S4 - Minor

Nightly November 5 (0ff91aa) / Windows 7

1. Open "My First Score"

2. "I" -> select staff1 -> Add linked staff (bass clef) ->Ok

3. Fill the first measure with four quarter notes

4. Drag and drop the 6/8 Timesig in the first measure

Result: the first staff is wrong. It seems to "clone" the position of the notes of the second staff.

First result.jpg

5. Now, make Undo, followed by Redo:

Result: No changing in the first staff, but now the second staff is also wrong. It seems to clone the position of the notes of the "initial" first staff.

Undo Redo.jpg

Additionnal notes: the results are correct if the clefs are the same with linked staves (two Treble clef etc.)
But it occurs elsewhere that in "My first score" (with same cause)

Example: Create a score for piano:

- Remove the second staff (bass clef) -> add a linked staff (bass clef). So, the same configuration (two differents clefs, linked staves, change time signature) is back, with the same wrong result.

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The problem fixes itself for a given measure as soon as you enter a new note into the measure or change pitch of an existing note. It also fixes itself for the whole score on save/reload.

I am guessing there is an issue with not calling Measure::updateNotes() somewhere that we should (or calling it somewhere we shouldn't), but it gets fixed on the next call.