Nightly crashes when trying to view newly edited parts

• Nov 5, 2014 - 19:37

I have been using Nightly f794aee on my Windows 8 laptop without problems.
After editing the flute and the violin voices and creating the parts for my score (V2), the Nightly always crashes when I try to view the violin or the flute part. All other parts work fine.

I managed to get a working copy by exporting as Music XML, then opening that in an HTML editor and saving it after minimal editing. Opening that score in the Nightly resulted in a copy where I can view all parts without problems. However, in that copy (V2a) there are no pizzicato channels that I can select, whereas pizzicato works fine in the original score.

Can someone please look at those almost identical scores and tell me what is wrong with each of them?

Attachment Size
Coultergeist_V2a_Alle.mscz 94.66 KB
Coultergeist_V2_Alle.mscz 128.98 KB

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