Keyboard shortcut for Select All Similar Elements not working

• Nov 4, 2014 - 19:39

I've tried this both in 1.3 and 2.0 beta 1 and it doesn't work in either release. I go to edit->preferences->shortcuts and define a shortcut for "Select All Similar Elements" and it has no effect. Same story for "Select all Similar Elements in Same Staff". I know it's not the shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-N) because I can assign it to pop up the Synthesizer window and it works fine. Further, both select commands work perfectly when I use the right button pop up menu to initiate them.

Is there something about these select commands that would keep them from working with a keyboard shortcut? I hope not as I use these commands frequently and having to constantly popup a menu to get to them is really inconvenient. Anyone out there able to assign a shortcut to these commands?



True, this doesn't seem to be supported. If I try to use the shortcut I define, I get an error "unknown cmd select-similar". The select-similar action is handled only within the popup code, not within the main command processing code.

I'd call this a bug, although I suppose someone might turn around and re-label it an unimplemented feature.

BTW, I see there is also the possibility of defining a shortcut for "Select all similar elements in the range selection", but as far as I can see, that wouldn't make sense to access by shortcut, since when there is a range selection, you need right click anyhow to indicate which element within the range you want to select elements simialr to. Left click would clear the range. So there I can't see any way this could be made to work via shortcut.

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I found a solution for this.

1) Highlight desired object/note
2) Right click, select > More...
3) Tick off the desired area (e.g. same staff + same voice)
4) Alt+tab out of MuseScore and return to the program by Alt+tab
5) All similar objects/notes are now highlighted

It seems MuseScore doesn't update before alt+tabbing out and into the program.

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Hmm, could you clarify - what specifically is *not* working for you, and what OS and what version of MuseScore are you talking about? The bug referred to in this thread only affects keyboard shortcuts, not the right click menu. And it's specifically talking about 2.0 builds. I'm not aware of any problems involving the right click menu, and the bug with keyboard shortcuts was fixed a couple of months ago.

You are right - this seems like a different issue than the shortcut problem. I apologize.
I'm using OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 on a new mac and MuseScore v.1.3, Revision 5702 - should be the latest version. The problem is:

Selecting a note and right clicking.
Select > All Similar Elements = WORKS
Select > All Similar Elements in same staff = WORKS
Select > More... & selecting same staff + same voice + ok = NO EFFECT (until alt+tab in and out of MuseScore).

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Hmm, I can't confirm on Windows, unless maybe the problem is specific to your particular score or the particular element type you are trying to select. Could you post the score and precise steps to reproduce? While 1.3 won't receive fixes with 2.0 imminent, I would like to make sure the problem you are is not reproducible in 2.0. Or you could try installing a beta or nightly build to see for yourself.

I am using the 2.0 release with Mavericks. (Mac) I am having weirdness with this feature the same as I had with the beta, its the opposite, the contextual menu didn't seem to do anything and the ONLY way I could select all similar was to use the shortcut, defined by me or default. Now with the release I don't seem to be able to do it either way, which is a bit of a bummer. Thank goodness for the set all to style button.

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