Crash on import of MIDI file

• Oct 31, 2014 - 22:24
S2 - Critical

Several files I have downloaded from will cause MuseScore 2.0 Beta 1 to crash when they are opened by dragging the file to the 2.0 shortcut icon on the desktop. MuseScore 1.3 has no problem importing the files in this way.

The crash is on a Windows 7 PC. It only happens when MuseScore must startup and then immediately import the midi file. It does not happen when MuseScore is already running. When MuseScore is restarted after the crash, it asks whether the session should be restored. When the restore is requested, the file appears to have been successfully imported.

One example of a file that causes the crash is attached.

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1-magnif_learnchoralmusic.co_.uk_.mid 3.31 KB


I tried it with nightly d0b36a1 on my Windows 7 PC. On the first try, successfully imported a MIDI file and presented the MIDI import control panel in the bottom half of the window.

I quit the program and tried a different MIDI file. This time the import was successful but the MIDI import control panel was not present. I tried several more imports both quitting between imports and importing multiple files in one session. The control panel was only occasionally presented. It was never presented if the initial import did not present it. One time when it was presented, additional imports also had the control panel.

I tried the latest nightly build, d75fb33, and both problems are gone! I was going to ask you what the formal name of the MIDI control panel is so I could write up a second bug. Now I would just like to know for my own benefit.