Tempo from MIDI file not imported

• Oct 31, 2014 - 21:59
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When importing a midi file into 3.1 I observed that the tempo appears to be set from data in the midi file. With the Beta 1 version of MuseScore 2.0. The tempo appears to always be 120 bpm.


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From what I see, it's not fixed.

See attached file (not produced by me) for an example.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build d8e1c74 - Mac 10.7.5.

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It works fine for me in a MIDI file I create myself - meaning, I know for a fact there is valid tempo info in the file. Are you sure this file - and in particular, any tempo information in it - is valid? In any case, if there is a problem, it seems to be specific to this file, as others work fine, so you it should probably be a separate issue. Tempo in general now imports correctly as far as I can tell.

I originally encountered the problem importing a MIDI file that had been generated by Sibelius. However, I just tried exporting MIDI for the same piece using MuseScore. I encountered the same problem when reading the MIDI file back in.

I am attaching both the MIDI and the MSCZ file from which the MIDI was produced. There is an initial tempo where a half note gets 120. Then at measure 85 a quarter note gets 66. If you could use it, I can attach the Sibelius MIDI as well. (The score was actually transferred from Sibelius to MuseScore using XML.)

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The MIDI file in the comment #7 above was produced by the 2.0 beta MuseScore. Winamp, Windows Media Player and QuickTime player play it at the correct tempo so it definitely has tempo data that standard players are capable of playing.

It is true that if you open the .mscz file above with the latest nightly build and then export the file as .mid, that same program can properly interpret the tempo data from the resulting file. However, the point of being able to read MIDI files is that it is a nearly universal exchange format.