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• Oct 31, 2008 - 22:58

I recently replaced my hard drive and installed a new copy of Windows XP. I downloaded MuseScore Version 0.9.3, and the program does not work. No "staff paper" shows up on the screen, and there is no way to input notes. The program worked fine with my old copy of XP. I suspect that I am missing the necessary font. Anyone know which font V 0.9.3 uses in XP?



This bug has been difficult to reproduce or know what is causing it. Here are a couple things to try:

  • Log on to Windows using an administrator account instead of a limited account
  • Try the using the latest prerelease of 0.9.4. It uses a different font format that may work better on Windows. See

Let us know if either of these work for you or if you discover another way to get it working.

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Thank for your reply. Unfortunately, nothing has worked. I copied all of my old fonts into the new fonts folder, I've downloaded and installed every new and past release. It was a great program in the past, but now all I get is a blank screen where I used to input notes. No staff, nothing. Any other ideas?


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In September I was able to duplicate this behavior by using a limited account (as described toward the end of this lengthly thread:…

Since then I have not been able to duplicate this behavior. Even after following the same steps I outlined in the thread.

The only thing I can suggest is to attach a screen-shot for the aid of anyone that tries to diagnose this problem. Also can you think of anything different about your computer between now and when you last had MuseScore working?

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I've got win xp sp3 spanish version installed in my netbook computer (msi wind u100), and I couldn't get musescore to work either.
It seems to load, but I cannot see any score. If I press the play button I can hear the sound but it just doesn't display anything. It crashes when I try to create a new score, and menus open unusually slow, with a weird blur effect.
Here's the screenprint

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Thank you for the screen shots. After looking closer at them i saw the magnification combobox content "%nan". This means the value is "not a number" and a result of a floating point miscalculation. With "nan" as a magnification you will probably see nothing on the canvas. I will ivestigate further to find out what causes this floating point error.

In case of a font problem i would assume to see at leat the staff lines and other non font elements on the canvas.

You could try downloading the two font files and moving them to the Windows font directory just to see if it makes a difference. Normally they are not needed since MuseScore deals with these fonts only internally:

The Windows font directory will be located someplace like: C:\WINDOWS\Fonts

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I tried dowloading and installing the fonts, but it still doesn't work.
It came to my mind that it could be related to some language configuration in windows (like list separator or decimal point), so I tried modifying them. Unfortunately, it made no difference.
Thanks for any help you may give.

If you get any error messages using the latest prerelease please report them. Werner added some "some sanity checks for DPI and PDPI. Maybe this helps to find the windows 'blank screen' bug." (see ChangeLog )

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New here, but chiming as I have the same issue.

Now, the latest pre-release version does show the fonts, but I get a DPI error at start up, which is hidden behind the splash screen. I'll add the exact error after I get home from work today, since it's on my home computer that the issues are cropping up. Everything seems just fine on the work computer though. The pre-release does seem to show the fonts, but the titles don't seem to show up correctly. There are also other layout/organizational issues. As for the administrative issue, I only use an admin account, and no other profiles other than the default "all users" and micros*** requisite profiles. However, I did notice that the shortcuts to the executable itself in the program menu are placed in the "all users" profile in XP instead of the current user. I'm not sure if that could contribute to the issue or not. It might be good to include an option of whether you want all users to have access to the software, or just yourself.

Of course, as much crap as I have on my home comp it wouldn't surprise me if there was some sort of conflict.
The work comp is decidedly "cleaner."

It'd be nice if I could copy the information of the configure/install to a log file or something, but it just advances to the finished screen before I can get it all. Maybe I can coerce windows into making a log. Much as I've had issues with 32/64bit linux systems here at work, I'm betting there's some sort of wierd pathing issue going on during config/install that certain windows computers are having trouble with for whatever reason. Or certain windows machines just hate your fonts' guts.

I have a lot of interest in this project, and think you guys are doing a great job. I'll try to help out on the bughunts and such as I find time for it. Very promising work here. :)

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Well, that sounds like a painless issue for the DPI error message, certainly. Course, I don't have a printer at the moment to try that out.

I just installed the 1300 revision. It seems to work very nicely with everything displaying properly when I create a new score. However, opening certain demos still has issues displaying the title/subtitle/etc. metadata. Looks wonderful in a new project though. -scratches head- Not sure what's going on there. I'm wondering if it's not MuseScore itself, but maybe the demo files haven't survived the latest revisions? I looked at the timestamps on the demo .msc files, and Golliwogg's Cakewalk displays everything great. The date is 11/20/08, but the older files dated 11/17/08 and 9/21/08 don't display the metadata at all. However, Sarabande, which is a music xml file, and dated 8/21/08 displays everything just fine, much like Golliwogg's.

So, maybe something changed in Golliwogg and how metadata was stored compared to the other msc demo files, yet the older xml file works just fine. I'm starting to wonder if it's the extension .msc in particular, since Microsoft recognizes that as a .NET type file. (like services.msc) That's all I can think of at the moment.

Good news, is the actual notation fonts seem to display just fine now. :-)

Hope that helps!


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Hi David, I apologize for the delay. Screenshots are attached. Again, this is from R1300, and yes I am opening them from File --> Open.
As for the specs of this particular machine, which may or may not help;
Windows XP SP2
1.8Ghz AMD Duron
ATI All-in-wonder 9600 video card

More than likely it's something in my system that's acting up.
As my mentor says, it's always something simple. The complicated things are usually the ones that are easiest to fix.

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I have a notebook computer running Windows XP Pro. Tonight after returning home from work, I had the same symptom on MuseScore vs. 9.3:
Program opened, no staff, no background, and had 'nan%' in the page size. Changing this didn't help.
Couldn't open a file either, results the same with no staff, no background, even though a tab with the file name appeared.
After searching on 'nan%' and reading this thread where someone said they had no printer installed at all, I remembered I had changed my default printer earlier in the day, to one at work which I was no longer connected to.
I changed my default printer back to a valid one to which I was connected and all was well.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks David, Appreciate the bump on that.

I downloaded and installed the pre-release 9.4 as you suggested, and the 'Save As' to PDF properly displayed the articulations.

I work in the software industry. I've only recently become aware of MuseScore. I am amazed at what it can do, and in the level of support and documentation that exists for it. The online community is also very helpful AND courteous to one another. Not all forums / communities are like that.

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