Can't enable Pan roll during playback

• Oct 23, 2014 - 03:27
S4 - Minor

Select a measure, right click on it and choose Panroll Editor.... In the Panroll Editor toolbar, there's a button Pan roll during playback. It's enabled by default. Click this button to disable it. Now click it to enable this feature again.

Result: it's not possible to enable the feature again, even if we close MuseScore and open it again.

Config: MuseScore 75d9e76 on Xubuntu 14.10.


Status (old) fixed active

I believe I can, if I am understanding correctly. I think there is some confusion, through. The right click menu item for the measure is "Pianoroll Editor", not "Panroll Editor". When delecting this, the editor window pops up, and it contains a toolbar that looks similar to the playback toolbar in the main window - buttons for rewind, play, loop, repeats, and pan. It is the last button on that toolbar that this issue involves. Once disabled, I cannot re-enable it again.

How bizarre—earlier today I tried it and it worked, but now, indeed, I can't enable it again. If nothing short of a factory reset will fix it, should this issue's priority be raised?