Spacebar doesn't works after changing BPM value in Inspector

• Oct 18, 2014 - 22:55
Graphical (UI)
S3 - Major

Nightly October 18 (4201688) / Windows7

1. Create new score -> Fill some measures -> Add Tempo Text from Palette: Quarter note =80

2. Open "Inspector" ->Uncheck "Follow Text"

3. "Rewind to start position" (from toolbar) -> Press Space bar

Result: ok. The playback begins and stop normally

4. Now, change the BPM value (140 e.g.) ->"Rewind to start position" -> Press Space bar

Result: nothing happens.

Note: works fine with Beta1.


I do not understand why it does not work on some previous and next Nightlies than the Beta1 (25 and 27 August, e.g.)
"Only" (?) the Beta1 seems to have this behavior. "Correct" behavior it seems to me, right? Or have I misunderstood something?

Spinboxes in the Inspector need to have keyboard focus in order to work correctly (and this behavior was still being changed around the time of the Beta). After clicking in a spinbox - whether the tempo spinbox or any other spinbox like "Horizontal offset" - the space bar works to enter text into the spinbox, just like all other keys do. Focus remains in the spinbox until you click in the score again. So no space bar, no "N" to go to note entry node - all keyboard input goes to the spinbox.

Pressing the "Rewind" button probably *could* be made to return focus to the score. But I'm not sure if that's the right answer in general - should all toolbar buttons be configured to conclude entry in all Inspector spinboxes?

Anyhow, as soon you you click in the score again after entering numbers into a spinbox, the space bar is active again, as are all other shortcuts.

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Spacebar is expected to press button/check box/radio/... having focus in any "well behaved" app.
So even if that would be convenient to have spacebar always "play" in MuseScore I don't think it is a great idea compared to normal keyboard behaviour.
Assigning another default key to "play" and having it always working whatever the focus is seems preferable.