Syslog errors on startup

• Oct 28, 2008 - 11:18

Using 0.9.4 r1207 on Fedora Core 8...
When I start the program, I get these:

kernel: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason b1 on CPU 0.
kernel: You have some hardware problem, likely on the PCI bus.
kernel: Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

Program seems to operate normally afterwards (other than the previously reported crashes and anomalies).


Actually I think I'm running r1174. I just did the SVN get last night and rebuilt. And I thought the "get" said 1207. But for some reason, after the complete clean and build, it's reporting 1174 in the about box.

Should an svn get from the trunk give me 1207 or 1174?

Well, it seems like it is a problem with a driver in the kernel. Have a look. Of course it might be something else, but it is unlikely.

Do the messages appear always when you start MuseScore, or only sometimes? If it were related to MuseScore, the only things I can think of would be related to graphics card or sound card.

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