"Add More Stretch" not working in Continuous View

• Oct 15, 2014 - 18:32

I'm working on a score for my band and while working I like very much to view the score in Continuous View. It just fits my brain better :-)

I was typing in some chord symbols and they ended up overlapping a measure boundary on the bass clef of the piano part and I wanted to stretch the measure to make them fit better. Nothing happens when I type the "Add More Stretch" shortcut key "}" or if I choose the menu item. If I view the score in Page View, the stretch gets added just fine.

Just wanted to let you guys know. If it's a bug I'll file an issue. If not, I won't :-)

Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing! 2.0 is GREAT!!!

- Mike.


It's *possible* this is deliberate - I think Continuous view in general tries to ignore "most" page formatting. It's debatable whether honoring stretch is desirable in most cases, considering one of the main reasons people might mess with it is to change the number of measures per system and that concept is meaningless in Continuous view.

Anyhow, I assume the problem isn't just the chord overlapping the barline, but overlapping an actual chord in the next bar. That's something we'd like to be handle better, but turns out to be hard. By default we let chord symbols overlap the barline hoping they are just anticipations and won't run into anything in the next bar. The alternative is not let chords overlap the bar, but then you end up with all sorts of unnecessary extra space. See #25278: Chord symbols won't overlap barline.

If you consistently run into cases like this and wish to force chord symbols to not overlap the bar, you can get that behavior by going to Style / General / Chord Symbols and messing with the "maximum barline distance". This control the amount of space MuseScore is willing to pad the end of a measure by for the sake of a chord symbol. Turn it way up - say to 10-15 sp - and MuseScore will happily pad the measure to fit as big a chord as you might conceivably want. But this will be global - no chords will be allowed to cross barlines.

A way to override things for just one measure would be to play with the "Segment / Trailing space" parameter in the Inspector.

I do agree, 2.0 has some awesome improvements and additions.
(Marc et.al., many thanks for fixing the concert/fingered pitch key signature bug.)
The keyboard is a nice feature; however, I'm experiencing a problem changing note durations.
When I turn on "notes" and bring up the keyboard, I can change durations using the number buttons at the top of the computer keyboard, but only before I type in any notes. Once I've typed in note(s) with the originally set duration, I'm then unable to change to another. For example, I might type in e,f,g as eighth notes, then press "5" to change to quarter note, but the screen is frozen on "4".
I hope that I'm missing something --- please advise.


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I'm not quite understanding what you are doing. Are you *typing* notes or using the Piano Keyboard? I don't have any problems with either - I had no problems changing between eighth and quarter notes, for instance, while also entering some notes by typing and others using the Piano Keyboard. Can you list the exact steps you are following?

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I just checked the latest nightly download (42.1 Mb) on my Windows 8.1u1 system and it works, all the Qt5 components are there. Do you have Qt installed for some other project that might be interfering? When you look inside the BIN folder (when you uncompress the nightly) does it contain many QT5 parts?

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Thanks so much for staying with me on this ---
when I click on nightly.exe, my computer tells me that Qt5Gui is missing, yet it is there, along with many other Qt5's, in bin. (sorry, I'm just an ancient musician with minimal digital skills)


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