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• Oct 14, 2014 - 20:45

Hi there!

I need your help:
I want to set a choir arrangement with Soprano and Alto in one stave and Tenor and Bass in another.
How do I achieve that?




When you are creating a new score, select Soprano as one instrument and Bass as the other. Add a piano if you need one. The rest is up to you. Then learn how to use voices as Shoichi pointed out.

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Thank you!

Not exactly: both rest signs at the beginning of setting the score are blue and though I get 4 rest signs for 4 colors, I still have 5 signs, two of them the blue ones.

However, all the rest signs are blue at the beginning: upper stave AND lower stave.

And I have version 1.3 revision 5702

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if you have two staves, then you could indeed have two rests in voice 1 - one for each staff. That's correct. That is, the top staff should have voice 1 for soprano & 2 for alto, while the bottom staff should have voice 1 for tenor & 2 for bass. BTW, the colors are just so you can tell which voice is which on screen. They all print black.

If this doesn't answer your question, can you post the score you are having problems with?

It seems I am just kind of stupid or I don't understand some steps.

I still cannot make two voice in one stave. I followed the instructions for voices (soprano upper stave and bass lower stave), but everytime when I choose Voice 2 (after going into note set mode), it sets the second voice as a part of the Voice 1. I cannot get two voices with different note durations and stuff... Help me please, I am desperate..Thx!

I still have one more question:
how can I set the lyrics above the notes, like in that space between alto and tenor? It should spare place....


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Assuming you want some lyrics above but pothers below, only good way to do that is to manually move the ones you want above. In 1;3, this would probably best be done by selecting them, right clicking and using Text Properties to change the vertical offset, or ctrl+dragging them. In 2.l0, the Inspector would be the simpler way to do the job.

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