Playback audio pops when playing a loop

• Oct 14, 2014 - 15:42
S4 - Minor

Easy to verify if you loop a section. Everytime it goes back to the beginning there is an audio pop/crackle.

There must be an audio fadeout (5 to 10ms) at that point to make the audio wave go back to zero instead of popping the speakers. This is really annoying, specially on bigger speakers.


Hello! I can chime in to confirm that enabling looping does cause a pop/crack/crackle on my speakers. I am using linux with MuseScore configured to use Jack. The crackle happens at the end of the looped region, just before restarting.

The suggestion of fading the audio by a few ms seems like a good idea but I am not capable to implement a fix due to various reasons (ancient, slow hardware, lack of C++ knowledge). It would be lovely to get a fix in for this as it does cause slight frustration as I use the loop feature heavily while practicing exercises.

Is anyone willing to discuss this further? FWIW I can install MuseScore on OS X and see if the crackle is present there. I cannot try on Windows, however, so if someone else could that would be appreciated.


Update: I have tested Version 2.0.0 rev: 6e47f74 on Mac OS X and could not reproduce the pop/clicking.

The version I am using on Linux (where the pop is happening) is Version 2.0.0 rev: 3543170.

Further testing on Linux seems to show that this problem only happens when using Jack.

A workaround is to make sure to "sudo modprobe snd_seq", then restart pc, open musescore and change the I/O settings to use port audio via the ALSA driver.

OK, maybe the packager didn't update the revision.h for some stupid reason. This really shouldn't happen and should get reported to them.
I believe they are missing a 'make revision' in their build

Status (old) active needs info

I'm trying to reproduce the problem with MuseScore 2.0.2 without success so far. Can anyone confirm that it's still a problem? With a score and exact steps to reproduce?

Status needs info closed
Regression No
Workaround No

Closed due to inability to reproduce. Please report, with precise steps to reproduce, in a new thread if this still troubles you in the latest version (3.4.2).