drum set really quiet on 2.0

• Oct 14, 2014 - 00:57

So I just downloaded the 2.0 beta and opened a file I was working on from version 1.2. Everything loaded correctly but when I used the playback to check it the 5-line drum set was really quiet and I could hardly hear it over the other instruments (2 guitars and a bass). The bass drum was especially quiet even at fff marking I could not hear it over the other instruments. In version 1.2 even at piano dynamic I could hear all components of the drum set very clearly but when I opened it in 2.0 beta I cannot. Suggestions?

Edit: I attached 2 samples, one from version 1.2 and one from the 2.0 beta. Both have the same exact instruments and notes. For both the electric guitar is at the default dynamic and the drum set if on fff. Notice how on 2.0 beta version it is nearly impossible to hear the bass drum.

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FWIW, I'm hearing the bass drum OK in your sample. Are you trying to listen through computer speakers? They probably have very limited bass response.

However, it shouldn't have been necessary to add an explicit fff to get that, and if I remove the fff, I agree it doesn't balance very well. I think the fault is as much with the guitar being too *loud* (drums balance fine with many other instruments).

Anyone know if we can reasonably change relative volume of instruments in the FluidR3 soundfont?

BTW, a better way to change the relative volume of tracks is using the Mixer window. Then you can still have normal dynamics within the score.

The presets in FluidR3 are not very well balanced. I find I'm constantly having to balance things in the mixer which was un-necessary with TimGM6mb in 1.3.

I am, now that I know how to set it up, starting to use VSTi via Jack Audio Connection Kit more, as there is a better degree of control, with the consequent improvement in sound.

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There are hundreds of decent free VSTi plugins out there. I am currently looking into what is actually available for nothing and I am finding a lot of good quality stuff. I now have several pipe organs, a Hammond B3, several drumkits, and a really outstanding free acoustic guitar VSTi.

There is also the Sonatina Symphonic library out there that can be set up in a VST host with an sfz player - again all free.

It's just the initial pain of setting up Jack properly.

I will take a look and see what can be done - but not until after the concert on Saturday.

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I don't know anything about how soundfonts are put together, but I do know what "normalizing" means. I guess if soundfonts are supposed to have normalized samples, then going through and normalizing everything is a fine idea. However, that in itself would actually make the problem worse, not better. Normalizing would make everything the same volume, but an oboe is *not* as loud as a trombone, a nylon string acoustic guitar is *not* as loud as a piano, etc. So there would have to be some sort of subjective level adjustment that can be applied to the samples. Assuming such a possibility exists (and it would have to if samples are supposed to be normalized), this could actually be done with or without first normalizing. If we didn't normalize, we'd need only slight tweaks to improve the balance where needed. If we normalized everything, we'd need to start over with the level settings, unless perhaps the tools provide an automatic way to apply level adjustments while normalizing to keep the overall balance the same, and then we could tweak from there.

I keep saying it, I'll say it again: much as I like the overall sound of FluidR3, if there is some good general purpose alternative we should be considering that would serve our needs better, I'd like to know.

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