Add quarter note hi hat to an existing groove

• Jun 25, 2024 - 21:31

Hello! I'm trying to write out a part for drum-set on musescore. It's a bit tricky because it has a dotted 8th note rhythm with quarter note hats over the top. I can create a measure with the beat and a measure with 1/4 note hats but I can't figure out how to combine them. The pictures below show the rhythm and the hat part. Any help would appreciated. Thanks!


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The hi hat note can be added using the “G” key. If you click on a pre-existing bass drum note, the hi hat is added. If you press G on a snare note, it is replaced. If you press SHIFT-G, then the hi hat is added and the snare stays. Then you can have snare and hi hat at the same time.

This is mentioned in the previously linked handbook but you need to understand which “voice” drum types are entered under.

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