Shaky play volume during a diminuendo but only when in D.S. al Coda loop

• Jun 25, 2024 - 17:28

I've just noticed a really strange phenomenon. Take the attached file jump to measure 49 (or start from the very beginning) and listen exactly to the diminuendo in measures 51 and 52 - it sounds ok. But if you continue to play the sheet and let it jump back to the "segno" and visit these measures (51+52) the second time, the volume of the notes become extremely "shaky". A really strange thing. I've tried to use the diminuendo forks instead - same behavior.
Any idea?

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Thanks for testing and confirming it. Good thing: I know and have now Muse Sounds, which really sounds much better. Bad thing: I still have the issue also with the new instruments. Especially when I use the Muse Sound Choir instrument, it is really bad.
So what is difference, when you are in the loop? If I listen really carefully, I also hear some slight volume peaks at the end of every measure (especially at the end of a full note, eg. m.47), is it checking if the "to coda" has arrived? I could also just copy-paste and eliminate the loop, but this is a workaround.

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