Initial speed settings are not taken over when using half notes

• Jun 25, 2024 - 10:43

When I start a new song and set the speed to eg. half-note = 60 then enter some notes and start playing, the speed is set to a quarter-note = 60. I first have to delete the set speed and set a new one with a half-note and then it works. It looks like initial speed settings with other than quarter-notes are not taken over properly to the sheet.


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Oh, known since November 2022 and still not fixed. OK, the history of this bug reads like a tragic comedy. But what is with the mentioned fix in February? I am just an advanced user with some IT skills but what does that mean. Is there a resolution soon or not?

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Don't be surprised. At the end of 2022, that was yesterday...There are several hundred (if not more...) issues that remain unresolved because the priority is not essential in the eyes of the developers. There are even "issues", or let's say feature requests (really recurring) that date back several years, as:

Then, let's agree that it's not something extremely penalizing, especially since you've found the workaround yourself.
As you can see from the right-hand column in the bug report, the status is P2 (i.e. relatively low, ranging from P0, critical, to P3), without a precise date. And when it's filed in the "MuseScore studio backlog", let's just say you have to be prepared to be patient... :)
Of course, you're welcome to contribute and propose a Pull Request to solve this issue.

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I totally agree with the low criticality. No problem for me. As my studies (electrical engineering and information technology, with some programming classes - I am one of the worldwide rare persons who was taught to program in Oberon) are more than 24 years ago and I only did some scripting and VBA in the meantime, I don't think I am the right person to contribute.

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