How do I remove these lines? They won't delete

• Jun 25, 2024 - 10:31

After downloading the newest Musescore I cut/pasted my old score into a new one, but had to reformat some things. I can't edit or delete these lines (see screenshot). In the old score they were legato indications, but now they're a mess and seem to be frozen.

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These slurs can be removed (Select/ Similar/Delete) : 1The Attention Grabber (updated).mscz, but it's not really the goal.

" I cut/pasted my old score into a new one"

I cannot to be sure for now if it's completely related, but I remember issues in older versions (V2 perhaps) where multiple slurs were stacked on top of each other in this way.
So, can you attach this old score to check its origine/date first.

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Ok for the versions, but it's a shame you deleted that old score. And it's really surprising that this kind of spectacular overlapping of multiple slurs should appear like this, when they were more likely to disappear in recent versions of V3!
If you could try to remember from which stage you saw this, that would be a good place to start.

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