How can I add verses side by side in MuseScore?

• Jun 25, 2024 - 09:42

How can I add verses in Musescore (4)?

My musescore is finnish, so I must translate menus etc. So terms are not exact.

I want add verses after notes. Just as in normal songbook. But, "Add -> frame -> add text frame end of" make page-wide frame. So if I want add verses, I cannot add it parallel. So, if my partiture is horizontal, I cannot use it wideness.

Only way add verses is "add text frame end to". So, if I must add eg. 10 verses, sometimes I must make many, many pages... and it is not clever.

I try it only possible way:
1. lyrics, lyrics, lyrics, lyrics.... 2. second verse lyrics lyrics....3. thirs verse lyrics...
next line of 1. next line of 2next line of 3...

I am quite sure it is possible found any "more clever" way make this. Or... is it?

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I have taken your score and put your verses into a vertical frame. Verse 4 was copied first then moved to the right, then verse 3 was entered and moved, then verse 1. You can type each verse as a block of text instead of each individual line as you were doing. Try dragging my verses around to see how it works.
When moving a block of text, holding down the Ctrl key will allow you to maintain horizontal alignment. Holding down the Shift key will allow you to maintain vertical alignment.

Here's your score:
The vertical frame I added is at the bottom so you can compare to yours. (When done, you can delete your text frame.)

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