I just bought MusesScore PRO+ and I can neither download ANY official scores, nor contact support, cause apparently musescore.com doesn't have support?

• Jun 24, 2024 - 14:27

What the actual fuck?


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That screen talks about 'view', not 'download'.
Writing to Yamaha motorcycle support to get help with a broken Yamaha guitar is similarly useless...
Which email?

Did you try that Support link at the bottom of musescore.com?
Screenshot 2024-06-25 092711.png

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This Pro+ option lets you access its official scores, download them for PRINTING them. Perhaps the misunderstanding is here (I saw it on another forum): perhaps you thought it allowed you to download a file in .mscz format? I agree that it's not expressly spelled out (or spelled in small letters that I may have missed!)
But then again, it's the ability to print it (as if you were buying it in a music store or inline) that includes this Pro+ option. Scores in .mscz format are the work of the Musescore community, some high quality, some not :)

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No, it does not. Surprise surprise right? It allows neither printing, nor downloading. It allows only web viewing... Not even playback... which could be easily done in the web... Which means I now have to probably use a sheet music scanner to get any use of it... this is ridiculous...

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" nor downloading. It allows only web viewing... Not even playback..."
Sure? Curious.
Not even playback? In my humble opinion, this is probably a problem that has nothing to do with the Pro + option.
Did you look at other official scores and see how they behaved?

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Ok, possibly my bad. I only have a Pro account (not Pro+) and can't check for myself.
There are a lot of offers, you see:


And it's possible that you'll have to buy a credit (even though you've signed up for a Pro+ account?)
In that case, I was mistaken, sorry.


That said, I'm still surprised - to put it mildly - to read that even the official scores are not available for playback.

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