Pedals don't work randomly in playback (MS 4.3.2)

• Jun 24, 2024 - 03:48

I was working on 2 separate pieces involving the piano. I have found separate instances in both projects where the piano pedals stopped working in playback. I do not know how or why this happens and it bothers me a lot.

Here are the details on my projects:
File #1 - adkf[adkfa (sorry for the button mashed title; I don't like to think of labels when sketching)
Happens in measure 15.
File #2 - strung quintet in bm (typo that I didn't bother to change)
Happens in measures 34, 104, and 105 on beats 3 to 4 as well as measure 88 for the whole measure and measure 94 on beats 1 to 2.

Both projects use MuseSounds; Both projects sound fine with MS Basic.

Both projects use volta brackets and the issue happens after the repeats though I do not know if it has any relationship with the issue at hand.

Attachment Size
adkf[adkfa.mscz 49.47 KB
strung quintet in bm.mscz 124.46 KB


I hear pedal working in all of those locations and a noticeable difference if I delete the pedal .

Have you tried restarting Musescore? Sometimes there are transient glitches to playback that disappear after a restart.

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