Connectivity of bluetooth MIDI input device

• Jun 22, 2024 - 20:18

I have succeeded in connecting a Korg microKEY2 -49 AIR keyboard via its USB connection and this allows notes to be added to a score using the N command. The MIDI device is selectable via Edit - Preferences - I/O - MIDI - Midi Input if is doesn't get selected automatically on startup. However, when connecting the keyboard via its bluetooth option and successfully pairing it, it does not appear as a selectable Midi device.
This is under Ubuntu 24.04 and I have tested this across multiple platforms such as the Raspberry Pi 5 and several Dell XPS laptops - 9333 and 9320.

is there something that has to be done to make the keyboard visible as a MIDI input device over bluetooth?
Other devices such as a bluetooth Logitech trackball seem to work perfectly. The latest XPS-13 9320 only comes with two USB-C connectors, one used for charging. It would be prefereable to be able to connect the keyboard without tying up a USB connector.


Things to try:
Start MuseScore after the MIDI keyboard is switched on.
On the MuseScore playback toolbar there is a gear icon. Click on it and toggle 'Enable MIDI input'.

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Thanks for your advice. I tried connecting it to my MacBook Pro after downloading the Bluetooth Connect app which sits in the background and detects the keyboard when switched to Bluetooth. I also downloaded the latest upgrade to MuseScore (v. 4.3.2) and the keyboard seems to work properly on the Mac, either via Bluetooth or via the USB connection for adding notes.
I shall have to try it again on Ubuntu as the Dell XPS running Ubuntu is my preferred platform, especially as my latest Dell XPS has a 16 core processor running at up to 5 GHz

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MuseScore under Ubuntu has already been upgraded (automatically) to v.4.3.2. Unfortunately, the gear symbol is not accessible in the Ubuntu realisation as it gets overwritten by the adjacent symbol. The keyboard does not connect via Bluetooth under Ubuntu as there seems to be a yet unresolved issue with identifying devices. This is an issue that doubtless will be resolved as Ubuntu 24.04 (LTS) is still in its early stages. At least the keyboard is fully functional in its Bluetooth and USB modes as proven by the Mac. I didn’t have time to try it under Windoze which consistently lives down to its reputation of taking a long time to load up and do anything.

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