strange stripes starting at an chord (maybe problem with version shift)

• Jun 21, 2024 - 11:10

there are multiple strange stripes on page 2 and 3 starting at a note of an chord. The stripes are making a gap into the Score. A workaround was deleting the troublemaking note and pressing strg + z afterwards.
The file was downloaded from and is originally saved in the version MuseScore 2.3.2 .
OS: Windows 10
MuseScore Studio 4.3.2

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The problem seems to be caused by notes which use cross-staff notation. This is how the invisible beams look in Mu 2.3.2:

The note stems which are supposed to be cross-staff need their Automatic Placement property to be disabled., and I find it easier to use flags rather than beams. I did these changes in Mu 3.6.2:

Then I opened the Mu3 file in Mu 4.3.2, and I had to extend the note stems to be cross-staff.
See attached score. [EDIT] Sorry: the score was omitted, but is now attached.

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There's no cross-staff notation (except in some unrelated measures), but some stems/beams with a user-set pisition and some rests with non-auto beam settings.

Edit: ah, now I see, these were attempts to simulate cross-staff notaion for notes as a chord, something that even the latest version of MuseScore can't do.

BTW: the source is

Hmm, strange that it doesn't display above
Edit: seems there is an issue on, see
Edit2: Seems working again

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