Incomplete measure

• Jun 20, 2024 - 20:57

I'm working on parts for an orchestral score I completed. I had no problem writing and saving the score itself over the past month. But today while I work on the parts, I keep getting a message saying that the file is corrupted and that saving it could irreparably damage it. When I get more info, it says this:

Incomplete measure: Full score, measure 89, staff 1. Found: 0/1. Expected: 4/4.
Incomplete measure: Full score, measure 124, staff 1. Found: 0/1. Expected: 6/8.

I have no idea what that means. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with those measures. And until I began working on the parts, everything was fine.


I should add that when I work on parts, I duplicate the "conductor's score" under a different name and work on the parts using the copied score.

I have faced this problem too quite a few times, especially when copy and pasting big selections. What it means is that one/more of your bars have more/less beats in than expected. For example, a 4/4 bar has three beats in. (This is caused by a glitch). How to fix it is to try and find that odd bar, select it, right click it, click bar properties, and a pop up will appear as shown in the screenshot below. Then change the "actual" value (circled in red) to be the same as the "nominal" value. Then click OK

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