Geen letters meer op paletten

• Jun 20, 2024 - 14:54

Plotseling zijn als bij een crash vrijwel alle letters op de paletten verdwenen.
Ik heb de nieuwe versie gedownload, maar nu heeft de oude versie hetzelfde probleem.
Ook na uitloggen herstarten en opnieuw openen blijft hetzelfde probleem.
Help want het programma is nu onbruikbaar!!


Not sure what you mean by the "letters on the palettes". This is one of the few times when attaching a screenshot might actually be helpful.

Does a new score show up differently? Is it just this one score? Or just these half dozen? Or all old scores? Or all scores of all ages? Attaching a score might be helpful.

You might need to Help / Revert to factory settings.

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Here is a screenshot of the problem.
I uninstalled the program and restarted the Mac and downloaded Musescore again. The problem seemed the same, but this morning it appeared that the problem had disappeared.
Bizarre and what causes it is mysterious.
The screen dump shows that there were hardly any letters or images.
Luckily, because I think musescore is a fantastic program!

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It looks like this is the Dutch version of the Properties tab when nothing is selected in the score. But yes, normally there is label text next to each of the five "eye" icons and on the two buttons.

For future reference, be aware that, very commonly, un- and re-installing the software will not resolve problems. It's usually much more useful to perform the Help / Revert to factory settings than to uninstall. (It's also a LOT faster.)

Anyway, glad it's displaying as it should again.

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