Copy And Pasting = Crash... And Lost file

• Jun 20, 2024 - 05:17

This has happened a few times, where I'll try to copy and paste something and musescore will just suddenly close on me without any warning. This results in complete loss of everything I've been working on. I've checked the backup files, ive enabled hidden files, looked everywhere I can think, and I can't find this score anywhere. I've been working on this most recent thing for 4 hours, with autosave every two minutes hoping that'd be fine, but I tried to copy and paste a section of guitar sheet music to a guitar tablature staff and it completely crashed and now everything is gone.

Please someone help, I dont enjoy when this happens


This happened to me a couple of times as well in the past but I did not loose my file. Instead of relying on the autosave, I just manual save the file on a regular basis.
Have you at least saved the file once?
If you have not saved the file, on Windows you can find the initial file in:


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