Dynamics changing every other bar + other weird audio artifacts

• Jun 20, 2024 - 02:33

Hi everyone. I believe after updating to 4.3.2 this score's audio has seemingly become corrupt. Something similar happen to someone else on reddit too.

The dynamics seem to change every other bar, and later on in the score tremolo, pizz changing to arco, and possibly more issues occur. This seemed to happen around the release of 4.3.2 (possibly before?), so I'm assuming the update has something to do with it. The score was working perfectly before this. Downloading the score from musescore.com and playing it in musescore studio has the same audio issues.

This is a large score, 9:35, 46 instruments, 31 pages, and 329 measures for added context.

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Donkey Kong Country Medley .mscz 896.43 KB

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