Keyboard shortcuts - insert natural

• Jun 19, 2024 - 20:28

Musescore v4.3.2, insert natural shortcut (ctrl+shift+H) doesn't seem to work in Windows 10.


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My problem (and yes, I admit it's on me) is that I still think in Finalespeak. There, we enter notes in Simple Entry with Duration > Pitch > Alteration, where alteration can be an accidental, a dot, start a tie, enter a courtesy accidental, and probably a couple more that I overlook. In MuseScore Studio, I would have to choose all of those before I enter the pitch. Since I am still wrapping my head around the new order, using the up or down arrows to move by a half step is easier for me.

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That’s fine, and indeed until MU4 it was the only way unless you customized your shortcuts. But note you can’t get courtesy accidentals that way. So definitely worth getting used to entering accidentals via shortcut directly.

BTW, if you haven’t noticed, dots can be added retroactively with Shift+W.

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