Sopranos gone from MuseSounds??

• Jun 19, 2024 - 20:03

Just the other day everything was fine, but I go on today and immediately notice one of the choirs is malfunctioning. I go into the mixer and the Sopranos are set to MSBasic, so I try to change them only to discover that Sopranos apparently don't exist in MuseSounds anymore???? Does anyone know where they might have gone???? Screenshot 2024-06-19 145324.png


Interesting find, I just checked and notice they were missing on my system as well but managed to get them back by re-installating the Choir sounds.
Open the MuseHub and press the Alt key, you then have the option to remove an already installed sound.
Once removed, download it again and hope that fixes it for you as well.

Remember to close MuseScore and start MuseScore again after the download is completed.

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True, the voices are more quiet. But having run a sound board for live music for a few decades makes me look at it differently. I adjust things it each score the way that needs to be done to get what I want. I post an example of voices and orchestra. Yes the voices are turned up. Not all the way. None of the other channels are turned down. A few others are adjusted up a bit.
It seems to me that using the faders is not hat much different than having to put dynamics and other markings in a score. I don't have to adjust faders often. Just now and then.
I ran this score just now with all sounds updated.

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