Special characters

• Jun 19, 2024 - 19:37

I'm trying to create a swing expression like in Finale. I've gone to the Special Characters/Musical Symbols, but I can't find a triplet bracket. I found Tuplets on the list, but that's only numbers. Do I have to find the bracket parts somewhere else? And if I do, will they go above the notes not forcing a space?

I had a heck of a time doing this sort of thing in Finale, but here, it seems even more convoluted.

Any guidance appreciated!

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 11.15.35 AM.jpg


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Many, many thanks. I would never have thought to look there!

I also found a way to do it as an expression in MSS4, using the Maestro Times font and the (invaluable) PopChar. And I found that if I do it by editing the included Swing text, it still worked! Woo-hoo!

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