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To Whom it May Concern,

It would be very helpful to have the option to customize a header and footer that appears ONLY on the first page of a score, as this is a nearly ubiquitous feature of modern sheet music, particularly in the choral world. Thank you for all you do. I LOVE MuseScore Studio.


Along that line, I would like the ability to omit individual sections of the Header and Footer from the first page.

In my current project, I need content in all three sections of the Header, and I need a page number on the first page. Unfortunately, the left and center Header content overlaps my first page title area, so I have had to find a manual solution for the first page. (This is a compilation, so a song might start on page 17, for example).

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, I'm handling the copyright information in the Footer center section that way as well. Unfortunately, the content I want to put in my Header center section doesn't have any controls like $c or $p.

My problem is page numbers -- my Musescore file starts on page 7. It is one song in a compilation, and is listed in the Table of Contents. So, I'd like to have a page number on the first page as well as on the other pages.

Musescore can do that, but I also want to put the song title in the Header ($:workTitle:), with alternate Odd/Even page numbers in the Header. The reader's eye then gets to see both the Song title and the Page number at the top.

Unfortunately, using $:workTitle: on all pages means that the Header title appears on page 1 above the special First Page title. And that's ugly.

I could put the page number in the Footer along with the copyright information, but I think it's harder for the reader. And, I'm also using one of the side slots for version number.

So, I'd like more control over the individual sections of the Header / Footer as they appear on the First Page.

My workaround is to manually add the page number to the First Page.

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