How to play only bass or discant staff- and yes, yes, I readed all what found from internet

• Jun 18, 2024 - 15:34

Just normal piano note. Or, in my case accordion.

How I can play ONLY one staff? So, eg. playback only bass.

Yes. Answer is: "Delete temporary staff you dont want listen". This is only answer.

  1. No. "Instruments" there is only "accordion" and "bass", "discant" (sorry... finnish version...). I can HIDE staff I want, but this make no effect in playback.
  2. Using timebar I can select bass or discant, BUT in this timebar no any too make "mute".
  3. Mixer. I can see only "Accordion", "ms basic/metronom", Aux1, aux2, master. But. In mixer it is possible adjust volume- common, master volume, but no adjust for one staff.

Of course I found all information how to use mixer, but how I can use mixer if there is no separate bass/discant? Or, instruments- same problem.

I am sure this must be any basic function start from musescore 1, but... "how to activate"...

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Use 2 Harmonikas, one for the treble staff and one for the bass staff. Add the curly brace, join the bar lines, so it looks the same. Then enjoy the Mixer and mute or solo either instrument

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