Transpose Interval with Chords Shortcut

• Jun 18, 2024 - 08:20


I'm very commonly to writing licks and pass over all the tunes.

I'd like to know if there's a way to defined a Chromatically Interval Transpose shortcut with will transpose also the Chords, or to repeat the previous transposition (so basically, a way to do with without having to pass through the Transpose box each time).

Another feature interesting would be that the Transpose box would remember your last transposition, or at least a toggle on settings that would enable/disable this behaviour.



Your idea of the Transpose dialog "remembering" the last transposition is one that has been discussed several times. I believe that it has been formally requested? (Not sure!!!) If so, I have not heard of any timeline for its inclusion. (And if not, it needs to be formally requested :-)

There is a checkbox on the Transpose dialog to Transpose chord symbols.

20240618 205223-transpose.png

It usually works right, but I've seen it give odd results occasionally. (Not often enough or repeatably enough to report it yet.)

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Thanks again for your reply.

Let me explain better my issue.

Select a 4 bars including the chords, copy into the next 4 bars.
Now i want to transpose these 4 new bars a fourth up, that will also transpose the chords.

Only chance i find is opening the Transpose Dialog, selecting the tick of "By Interval", choosing the forth up from the combobox, tick the transpose with Chords symbols and finally selecting the "Dont use double #/b".

I think that if that dialog box would remind last transposition set up, would help, but definively if later that could be combined wiht a keyboard shortcut would be much nicer.

Thanks once again!

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At this time, I'm pretty sure that's a no-go. Since the Transpose dialog doesn't "remember" the last action it performed, there's no way to assign a shortcut to it.

You'll just have to copy the notes/chords into the new place, select them (if they're not already selected), "manually" open the Transpose dialog, and complete it.

Not that hard to do manually, but yes, it would be very nice if it were possible to assign a shortcut to something along the lines of "Repeat the last Transpose action". Not something I do a lot, but definitely something I have done before.

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