Flac file not encoding properly--end is missing.

• Jun 18, 2024 - 05:26

The recording of the composition below when made in Flac file format has the very end missing. I reproduced this several times. The .WAV file and .mp3 versions are fine.


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Hi. Latest version meaning 4.3.2, or latest as in nightly build (4.4)?

I ran it using a version 4.4 (June 15 nightly) on Ubuntu Linux. I got a flax audio file which has a musical ending around 21:35, which matches the score. It’s 112.6 MB at 48K rate. I can let a 44.1k run as well as see what happens.

Running in the terminal with a “-d” (debug) option gave additional feedback as it writes out the file.

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Before running this test, I updated the musesounds. Then ran an export for a 44.1k flac successfully.

108.8 MB file.
Terminal reports last frame written is 49691, samples 57243648.

Total frames (which I guess is the input) is 198762.

There are no VSTs or special effects in the linux version (so if you had them, the testing isn’t equivalent) but no obvious error.

If you can run in the terminal window with a “-d” option, you may see an error message. I didn’t see any errors relating to flac, just the usual ones.

Maybe someone with a Mac will try testing it for you.

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