mp too quiet?

• Jun 17, 2024 - 23:31

in the first two bars of the uploaded score, the trumpets and tuba are inaudible to my ears over the french horn. Even with the timpani muted I still can't hear the tuba; it works fine if I raise everybody to mf though, then the balance becomes better (at least to me).

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In the score as you sent it, I can hear the trumpet and tuba just fine. Even with the French horn muted. How are you listening?

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I have also noticed "inconsistencies" playback volumes for several instruments. So the question in these two measures is this: Are the trumpets too soft? Or is the horn too loud. Or both.
And volume isn't the only potential problem. Playback style, as you found out, might need adjustment.
For example, consider a trumpet fanfare. Just the title of "Fanfare" would be enough to tell real players how to play the music. But in playback, we have to mark everything.
In your case, you might need to do exactly what you did. In combination with adjusting the faders.

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