Aren't the parentheses around sharps/flats too small?

• Jun 17, 2024 - 12:25

I haven't yet printed my score and I'm sure it's slightly better on paper, but right now even on zooms slightly over 100% it's extremely hard to tell that the parentheses even are there, even knowing that I just put them in.
And there's no way to change that. Musescore would really benefit from a scale value in the properties menu...


There are good reasons to keep them small (they are graphical noise and increase rhythmic distortion, etc).
You might prefer the slightly beefier design in other fonts, e.g. Bravura:
Though I can't say I like the way that, when the accidentals are on a line, the top and bottom of the bracket falls exactly on a stave line. That's partly why the Leland ones are a bit shorter:

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