Issues With Importing Drum Music To Braille

• Jun 17, 2024 - 06:54

Hello, apologies if someone as already asked/answered this. I have a blind student learning drums and bass guitar. I have been able to make bass sheet music very easily for her with musescore (just create a piece of sheet music as I normally do, then save it as a .brf). She has no issue with reading these or embossing them. Unfortunately, when I save drum sheet music as .brf, the files do not properly render. She says that they look like letter notation that she would she for other instruments, not as drum notation she has seen before. Is there anyone that knows another way to properly export drum sheet music as a braille file? I have no issues explaining the rhythms to her in real time or just recording audio for her, but I would like to have the option of giving her sheet music for reference.



Hello! I don't know how drum notation works in braille, but I also doubt that the built-in braille export feature has any special knowledge of special drum notation. It's possible one of the third party conversion tools would do better. Try exporting to MusicXML and then running it through, for instance, the Sao Mai converter:

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