Special characters

• Jun 17, 2024 - 00:24

Granted, I will never use 99.9% of the available special characters. But if I wanted to, I can't see most of them, because they're just too small. I can resize the window, but the glyphs stay the same size. Is there any way to view them, larger?

Also, does the font shown in the Text window relate to the characters in that too-small window?


I can't see some of them, but those are the symbols intended to be small. I'm seeing most of them (maybe only a bare majority, but "most") as visible in the box. There definitely are some that are too small to identify and I wish that they were bigger in that window, too. It looks like they are all at 12 point (or thereabouts) and some of them are just too small to make out at that size.

Both your questions have the same answer: put the symbol on a score and change its size with the Properties dialog. IOW, try it and see.

20240616 211712-symbol size.png

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