Sometimes some barlines are invisible

• Jun 16, 2024 - 23:57

Maybe due to setting them to invisible then back to visible. There's no further change upon switching this parameter again.
It begins on pg. 8 on the top line and it lasts a while

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What do you mean that there is "no further change". If you mean that you can't select them to make them visible again, be sure that you can see them on-screen by going to the Menu and Selecting View >Show >Show invisible.

Yeah, be careful. As you found out cycling View Invisible did no good.
Try this score.
I created a new violin part. Made it one line and copied the original into it. All the bar lines were there but the ones in question were indeed invisible. I have no idea why I couldn't make them visible in the full score.
I made them visible.
Then I created a new violin part in the score and made it one line. Then I copied the new part I had made into the new violin part in the score. Bar lines are back. As well as some other stuff you should be able to hide. Good luck.

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I knew cycling visibility and anything to do with barlines is a bad idea, but I hoped I could make everything about that staff invisible except the chords and the rests that indicate harmonic rhythm (because if I just give the chords to whichever is the top staff at the moment, they get transposed when that staff is a transposing instrument), but sadly making everything invisible created a massive gap below the staff so I changed that back.

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