Need "Small Caps" style option for lyrics in MuseScore

• Jun 16, 2024 - 22:01

Just about everyone who would use MuseScore for sacred music will use the word "LORD," rendered in small caps.

In the properties -> Lyrics -> Text, please add a style button for Small Caps, where currently there are only buttons for Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strikethrough.

Thank you,


Sadly, since "need" is not accurate (the lack doesn't affect the program's operation), this will likely be a ways off. Happily, there is an obvious workaround: do the same thing that printers have done for centuries before the advent of computer typesetting: simply use smaller capitals.

20240616 190401-small caps.png

Type the lyrics and make the "Lord" and any other words that need Small Caps in ALL CAPS. Select one and adjust the "ORD" to be 2-3 sizes smaller. (In my example, I didn't like 10 and 7, so I increased the size of the whole word to 11 and then decreased the "ORD" to 8.) Then copy the whole word and paste it wherever else it appears.

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