Musescore Studio crashing device during audio export

• Jun 16, 2024 - 19:33

When I try to export this one score into mp3 (44100 Hz and 160 kBit/s) or ogg, it takes a really long time to progress.
I turned the mixer on to see how far the piece plays through. It did play everything, as what the mixer states, but at that point maxes out at 50% (export progress is meant with that).
As soon as the progress gets to 50% ± 7%, my whole device freezes for at least 10 minutes, which makes an export impossible. I tried another score, which worked perfectly fine.
This started to happen after MS 4.3.2 got installed.

Steps to reproduce, at least for my end:
- Have Musesounds installed
- Have Musescore Studio 4.3.2
- Open .mscz file below
- Make mixer visible
- Export 'Main score' as MP3-Audio
- Wait for at least 10 minutes for 40%
- Eventual crash

I hope this is enough information, and this is the correct place to say this

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I downloaded your score and set it to export mp3. Mixer open. It took almost an hour. No crash.

I have a score that is 130 kb (yours is 134kb) that produces a 5.7 MB mp3 (yours is 3.6) in a few minutes.
No idea.

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I'm using the AppImage on ubuntu Linux and this file takes about 24 seconds with the Mixer open and about the same with it closed. I'm using MS Basic sounds, mind you, so that might be a factor.

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore Studio version (64-bit): 4.3.2-241630832, revision: 22b46f2
Harware: Intel i7-7700K @4.20 Ghz (4 core, 2 threads per core), SSD, 32GB RAM.

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It used to be that fast at exporting too. No idea why this is happening. I exported the score before with no problems too.

Lets see whether recreating the original score to a brand new one will help. A straight copy did not help and caused the same result.
The device is windows 10 running with 16GB ram and a GTX1060

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