Making a score with individual horn charts and lead sheet

• Jun 16, 2024 - 01:56

How is this done?

I want to make a new score, and I want the instruments Trumpet, Alto Sax, Trombone, and Jazz Lead Sheet. I need to make a lead sheet of 8 songs for my band in a week and a half, and I wish to make the horn charts at the same time utilizing the same form and therefore linked in a score with the lead sheet. I do not want to add each instrument separately like I seem to have to do, or select the lead sheet template. But I would like to be able to do both of these things in a score. Any help?


Wondering if I need to submit a feature request or if there is already a way to do this and I'm just dumb? First time upgrade from Musescore 2 recently.

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A feature request will be weeks to months to years away, so if it can't be done, you are outta luck.

However, I'm pretty sure that you can do this. Start a new score. Set up a new score with the Jazz Lead Sheet template. Open that new, blank score. On the Instruments tab, add the horns you want.

Enter all the music for lead sheet and for horns. As bobjp described, having them all in a single score means you won't inadvertently get something out of order, or out of synch.

Once you are ready to print, hide the horns, so that only the Lead Sheet appears. Print it. Now display the horns and hide the Lead Sheet. Print the horns as a single sheet or as separate sheets as you desire. I think that will cover what you want?

Experiment with this to be sure. Create such a score with only a few measures in it but with all the staves you want in the real thing. Try to print it and make sure that you can get the various sheets you need.

Not sure I'm following.
But, you can add the horns you want to the Jazz lead sheet.
Or delete what you don't want from the jazz band template.

They will be linked either way.

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