Add Voices to Mixer

• Jun 15, 2024 - 17:38

How do i add voices to the mixer? Right now i have two voices, metronome. Howe can i add SATB so all four voices are heard? I need to highlight voices for practice purposes.


Each staff gets a Mixer. If you want SATB to each appear in the Mixer, you have to use an "open" score (I think that's the right terminology?) One with a score for Soprano, another for Alto, Another for Tenor and still another for Bass.

You may be able to convert this score to that by using the "Explode" tool. See At a guess you'll have to do some repair after you Explode it.

However, it may be easier to add the two new staves, copy the treble clef to one and the bass clef to another. Assign one stave to each of the four voices and delete the notes that don't belong to that voice. The score is short enough that I would guess it will take about the same amount of time.

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