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• Jun 15, 2024 - 08:56

Parentheses of note heads are no longer reproduced fully - 90% silence. The idea is not entirely clear. Forced to come up with something and redo everything. So it's logical to ask: "Will you revise the set of visual styles for noteheads in future versions?"


Don't know what you're doing. If I select a note, open the Properties tab at upper left, and look under Note / Head, the first item is Notehead parentheses. If I click the button to put parentheses around a notehead, the note plays normally, no diminution of volume.

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Perfectly! It turns out that in the properties of the note title there is a function “Ignore the visible duration". That is, a double whole note (brevis) can be made visual, but the actual duration will be half, quarter or whole. The brackets are no longer relevant. Thanks!

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I'm completely confuzled. What does the "visual styles for noteheads" (which is what you asked about!!!) have to do with playing notes of different duration than what they display. For that matter, what does the "visual styles for noteheads" have to do with playback AT ALL?!?!?!

That's not what parentheses mean around a note?????

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In liturgical practice this is called “chitok”. Under the numbers [1] – [2], the half notes have not been stylized and are actually equal to their real duration. It's not customary to write like that.
Under the number [3] with the help of brackets, a half note is similar to a double whole note, but only visually. It is also not customary to designate it this way. And the real “brevis” note lasts too long, so I abandoned it.
Below the number [5] is a visual "brevis", but in fact it is also a half note. This is the most acceptable option. A similar function may have existed for a long time, but I noticed it only now.


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