Copyright and Musescore's MP3 audio files

• Jun 15, 2024 - 05:01


I have several original compositions that I have scored in Musescore 3 and Musescore 4. I know I own the copyright of the sheet music and I could strengthen the copyright by registering my work with the U.S. Copyright Office. My question is, do I own the copyright to the audio that plays on Musescore? If I do, could I register the audio with the U.S. Copyright Office? (E.g., could I export my compositions as mp3 audio and then register those mp3 files with the U.S. Copyright Office?)


Not really the right place to ask this question: it's out of our scope. Best to contact a copyright attorney.

That said, my understanding (flawed as it it) is that registering doesn't "strengthen the copyright", but provides evidence for a trial on who owns said copyright. I have always understood that one registered the sheet music, not a recording. I had also understood that one registered that sheet music with the Library of Congress, rather than with a "Copyright Office"

And that's why you need to contact an attorney who specializes in this :-D

Remember that any copyright doesn't keep someone from using your work. It does give you legal recourse if you find out they did it without your permission. If you have something dated before they used it, be it sheet music and/or a recording, that is enough. Normally. Registering is even better.

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