Lost Score

• Jun 14, 2024 - 18:51

While uploading my score something went wrong and it deleted all of the accents/slurs on the score. So I deleted it from the Musescore website and then reopened Musescore studio, and I can't open it now. And every time I click on the score it says "Your Score could not be opened, This score does not belong to this account. To access this score make sure you are logged into the desktop app with the account to which this score belongs." I did save it on the cloud by the way.


If you saved it to musescore.com ("the cloud") and then deleted it on musescore.com, the score is most probably gone. Did you work on a local copy of the score prior to uploading it? If so, you could search for that copy in File Explorer. You could also look in the folder that contains your cloud scores. To do that, paste the following into the "address bar" in File Explorer and hit Enter:

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