Stuck on the Screen

• Jun 14, 2024 - 17:57

I had written a nice song, and I went to save it, and it froze up. I left the computer on and went away until late afternoon. It was still frozen. So I had to get off of the composition and helplessly watch the song delete. When I went to exit the program for good, it wouldn't turn off. It has now currently done that for two days and now playback is not working correctly. I can open it up again if I click on the app but it won't turn off the already existing screen. The screen I had just pulled up worked and turned off after I saved everything, but not the other one. Now I have this unfortunate screen that keeps freezing up and blocking my background picture. Has this happened to anyone else? It's such a good program. I don't want to have to delete it off my laptop and find another free program. If you have any tips, opinions, or comments PLEASE feel free to answer back. I would love to know if anyone else is having this trouble. I am an aspiring music writer, and to have this inconvenience so early is not very fun. MuseScore is fun. I don't want to have a reason to dislike it.


Is this MuseScore 4 with the HUB?
First, turn off your computer completely. After a few minutes, restart your computer. Open the HUB, scroll down and turn everything off. At the bottom select "Quit". You don't need the HUB running all the time. Open it now and then for sound updates. Then quit it.
Sounds like you might be running a HDD. MuseScore really needs an SSD. When it freezes like that, open the task manager to see what the load is.

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