Default lyric baseline

• Jun 14, 2024 - 16:25

In a staff with voices 1 and 2, lyrics default to below the staff. I know how to move voice one lyrics above the staff, but I wonder if there is a way to set that as a default in a particular file: voice 1 lyrics above, and voice 2 lyrics below.


The options in Format > Style... > Lyrics do not allow different settings per voice.

So I think that your only solution would be to create a template score like the attached example, with at least one lyric syllable already created for the desired voices..

Would this template actually save you any time? I set a lot of choral music, and I find it quite simple to do the following:
1. Enter the first lyric syllable for voice 1, by default "Below" the staff
2. Switch its position to "Above" with the shortcut X
3. Continue to enter voice 1 lyrics above the staff.

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Lyrics_above_and_below_TEMPLATE.mscz 19.6 KB

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