Getting Audio and MIDI to/from MS4 and a DAW At the Same Time?

• Jun 14, 2024 - 04:51

I posted about this quite a while ago and finally just gave up. But again wondering: Is anyone successful in having Musescore 4 AND a DAW (preferably Ableton 11/12 or Reaper as an alternate) running together on one computer? To clarify: One USB MIDI keyboard (mine's a Nektar 61) being able to send its note data to BOTH apps and BOTH apps being able to receive that MIDI data and play sound AT THE SAME TIME. I use this for transcribing and then notating music. The track I'm transcribing would play on the DAW and I would want a piano sound on that same DAW as well so I can figure out chords, bass parts or whatever. But also to be able to switch the focus to Musescore 4 and immediately input that note data once I figure out the parts. I guess I could use the built in piano on Musescore but I would STILL need both the DAW and Musescore to output audio AT THE SAME TIME. I DON'T want to use a bunch of third party software like Voicemeeter, Bohme MIDI or any of that stuff. I want to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Sorry in advance if I over-explained that or if my use of CAPS offends anyone. Just FYI and to wrap it up: My 13 year old MacBookPro running OS 10.13 (barely) did a fine job of all this with Ableton 11 and Musescore 3. Just hooked it up and it worked. I'm on a Windows 11 machine now but would consider getting a MacBook Air if it would do what I just described with Musescore 4 and Ableton 11/12 or Reaper. Thank you in advance!


Hey guys, thanks for all the help and advice as always. It's too bad such a great program has to be distributed as freeware and thus, in the "you get what you pay for" category, the support has to be such. Anyhoo no thanks to the folks on this forum (as usual), my solution is just to run each program on a separate Windows machine (here's a tip: Acer Recertified), mix the audio with a small mixer, and use a separate MIDI keyboard for each machine. Thanks again Musescore "family" for all the help!

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