How to full screen view of scores during performance?

• Jun 13, 2024 - 12:39

I have been using forScore app to view a sheet music during performance. I wondered if we could setup the MuseScore full screen view similar to the forScore layout. I tried the full screen option view on the site, and I have problem with zoom in to see the notes, as well as the bottom of the screen was cut off so I could not see the whole page, unless I zoom out to very small to see the whole page, but then I could not see the notes well. I appreciate if you can provide some tips to resolve this issue.


Looks to me like View / Full Screen shows the same thing that "Maximize" does. And, if your score is "tall" enough to be a problem reading it when the whole thing is on screen, not a lot you can do about that.

A possibility: Adjust the width and height of the page. Format / Page Settings. Set Height and Width so that a page (or two!) just fits within the display area. You might want to turn off the Palettes, Instruments, and Properties tabs to give yourself more horizontal space. With them off two pages wide is reasonable. On my screen, a single instrument (a single staff) fits about 4-5 systems in the height available and two pages wide.

If you want to go two pages across, you'll have to change Edit / Preferences / Canvas / Scroll Pages from "Vertical" to "Horizontal". You might want to make your page settings be even wider so that only a single page fits on screen at once. If you do that the Scroll Pages setting will not matter.

If you have more than one instrument (especially if you have more than about half a dozen), you'll have to experiment to find the right page and zoom settings so that the display will fit the score (without having staves fall below the bottom of the page) and so that MuS will change display pages appropriately when the playback scrolls to the next page. On my first try, the second page across went outside the horizontal display space and did not scroll to that page ... so for half of each system, you couldn't see the cursor or the music.

Good luck!

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